Our Mission

To help people get out of the paperwork and into their passion.

Who We Are

The Mobilized team has a passion for traveling and exploring. Our hard-working, fun-loving members have lived and volunteered all across the globe – including Armenia, Guatemala, India, Nicaragua and Uganda… just to name a few. So when voluntourism, retreats and group trips started gaining popularity, we were drawn to the challenge of connecting good-hearted travelers to great causes.

We took the first step toward Mobilized in 2003 when we formed Rotunda Software as a tiny team in Argentina. Since then, we moved to San Francisco, launched two critically acclaimed software programs and have served over 2,500 organizations and 500,000+ volunteers.

We are still a small team based in San Francisco, but now we like to think of ourselves as part of a community of millions of volunteers and travelers all around the world.

We Are Rotunda

Rotunda Software creates user-friendly people management cloud software so you can focus on making a difference. We are proud of our happy customers, our philanthropic orientation, and our open source contributions.

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