Group Trip Management Software

Step out of the paperwork and into your passion.
A better way to manage group trips.
What is Mobilized?
Mobilized helps manage groups of people going on trips. See what's possible when payments, paperwork, and communication are all streamlined in one simple system.
How's it work?
Build, Share, Manage.

Bring your trip to life by creating a stunning online application, an "about" page, and a private "hub" for your participants.
Invite the world – or just a lucky few – to sign up by posting, tweeting, and emailing to your network.
Connect with participants, track progress, and make sure everybody is paid and ready for departure.
Who can Mobilized help?
Anybody who manages group trips.

Why use Mobilized?
Everything you need, all in one place.

What's next
Sign up - It's Free

Mobilized is completely free to use. If participants pay with a credit card or use Mobilized’s crowdfunding feature, Mobilized charges a 4% fee to process those transactions.
2.9% Standard credit card processing fee
1.1% Mobilized fee